© Lucien Anderson 2019


The Humble Space Telescope is a rudimentary plywood vessel from which one can contemplate the heavens. Drifting arbitrarily, equipped only with a hole in the roof and the naked eye, it is an antidote to the high tech, computer controlled, all seeing, all knowing observatory at A.C.A.

For a year the work had been subjected to rigorous environmental testing on Emley Moor. A number of modifications had been made to the weather beaten prototype, in preparation for launch. Continuum attendees witnessed the first ever buoyancy tests and the artist attempted to launch and retrieve the work at intervals throughout each day.

The craft’s primitive stitch and glue construction is informed by the surprisingly low tech, DIY style prototyping methods used by scientists and engineers. The Humble Space Telescope shares that same satisfying economy, incorporating reappropriated everyday objects and basic construction materials.

Lucien Anderson is an artist who is interested in the endeavor of it all, scientists in laboratories and tinkerers in sheds. Both the tinkerer and the scientist utilise home-brew methods with components and materials from the local hardware store. The resulting shared aesthetic illustrates a common ground; the instinctive need to make and understand, and at whatever level, striving for success and embracing failure.

Lucien Anderson Artist